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ATTN: Entrepreneurs Who Are Looking To Grow Their Business And Impact In 2021

Join Us At 3-Day Business Accelerator


A Virtual experience for entrepreneurs who want a Roadmap 
to a 6-figure business

Alert: You will only ever be taught things we’ve personally tried—that WORK!
Because who has time to waste on things that don’t?

Watch this video first (audio on!)

July 9-11, 2021

Ticket prices increase on June 25th - Get yours now!

Are you ready to crack the code to consistently getting clients while working less and doing more of what you truly love!

This business model has been responsible for hitting 4 and 5-figure months for our clients and us...and now we’re revealing the entire step-by-step system in front of a live audience.

If there’s one thing most entrepreneurs miss, it’s this:
Business doesn’t have to be hard. 

Hi, we are Kat and Kim! We spent 10 years building multiple businesses and testing different strategies to discover one simple, repeatable, scalable strategy that WORKS.

During Profitable Speaker Bootcamp™ Business Accelerator, we will share the exact systems that we used to build not one...not two...but three businesses to 6 figures. And we want to show you the exact steps of that system.

One event. Three days. New clients on repeat.

That’s what it’s going to take to learn how to:
  • Build a business that supports your lifestyle VS business that takes over your life
  • Create consistent income and amplify your impact while doing what you love
  • Create one presentation that you can use over and over again and have your prospects lining up to buy
Plus, you can do all this without spending money on ads, needing to have a website, attending networking events or hiring a team. 

Kat & Kim here...

We spent the last 10 years building multiple businesses and testing different strategies to build a 6 figure business...
We created Profitable Speaker Bootcamp™ to share the system we used to build not one...not two...but our three businesses to 6 figures...and beyond. 
We get it! You're ready to step into the spotlight and have people hear you, see you and want to work with you. Within you is the potential to create a massive impact in the world. WE BELIEVE IN YOU. We want to help you succeed in your mission. Your purpose and journey have brought you to this moment, and now it is time to LEAP. Jump into a new and exciting way to create the success you DESERVE. Let us show you how you can take your business to the next stage.


Alert: You will only ever be taught things we’ve personally tried—that WORK! Because who has time to waste on things that don’t?

Profitable Speaker Bootcamp
Virtual Experience

Get the entire step by step system used by top influencers to generate millions from the stage.

  • Understand how to package your expertise and personal experiences into a presentation that has your audience hanging on your every word and waiting to invest in what you have to offer so, you never have to chase a client again!
  • Uncover how to package and price your knowledge in a way that your dream clients will ask, “Where do I sign up?”​
  • Discover the proven formula used in webinars and offline events that our clients have used to generate over 6 figures in Sales…without being salesy or spammy.
  • ​How to create a message that attracts your dream clients & the 3 mistakes most entrepreneurs make when sharing their personal stories.
Plus, you'll get the opportunity to see the exact behind-the-scenes process we use to take our business from 0 to 100k in under four months.
Ticket prices increase on June 25th - Get yours now!

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Here’s What’s Included With Your Event Ticket

Access to this 3 Days of Business Accelerator

(value $1,997)

You get three full days of LIVE training where we will help you craft your #1 marketing tool… your high-converting signature presentation using our proven Profitable Signature Talk System. You will get a clear roadmap to accelerate your growth to sustain your business while supporting your lifestyle & bigger vision.

Guest Experts Workshops

(value $1,497)

You’ll also hear from 3 AMAZING world-class speakers. They’ll be sharing exclusive training that will complement what you will be building over the three days.

Profitable Speaker Workbook (pdf)

(value $197)

This will be your companion for the event and many months after. Past attendees tell us they keep it on their desk and refer back to it all the time. Not more cramping hands as you're trying to take notes faster than a Lamborghini.

Live Q&A and Interaction

(value $997)

The entire event will take place live on Zoom, so on top of the training each day, we’ll also be doing breakout sessions, workshops, live Q&A sessions and more.

Access to Recordings for 7 Days

(value $497)

Yes, you saw that right! You don't want to miss anything so, as long as you show up, we will send you access to the event recordings. You will be able to watch and re-watch any part of the event until July 19th, 2021, @ 11:59 PM MST.

Total value: $5,185


Ticket Prices Increase On June 25th - Get Yours Now!

When you get a ticket to Profitable Speaker Bootcamp, You'll get

See what's included in the ticket below

All access ticket

  • Access to 3 Days of Business Accelerator ( Event Ticket)
  • Guest Experts Workshops
  • Event Workbook Download
  • Live Q&A and Interaction
  • ​Access to the recordings for 7 days ​

And the best part?

The admission cost to the event is the fraction of the amount of revenue that these strategies can help you generate.

Ticket Prices Increase On June 25th!

Meet Your hosts

Kat halushka

Having grown up in Russia, I approach business and life with a unique perspective from most of those around me. After moving to Canada, I did what everyone else was doing and worked at a ‘solid’ 9-5 job doing tech support. One day, as I arrived at work, something came over me and like a two-by-four to the head, it hit me: I am wasting my life.  

I knew I was meant for more than working for some company that didn’t appreciate me, where I felt I was making zero difference in the world. So I quit my job and took a stab at starting my own business and I built a 6-figure marketing agency from the ground up in less than a year.  

I then sold that agency to step even more into my true passion – helping entrepreneurs start and grow a business that supports the lifestyle they desire. I can see people’s potential before they even believe they have any, and I use that to help them create a high impact life and business. 

In the last 2 years I have been on over 200 stages and generated over 1 million dollars of revenue through these stages.  

When I’m not on a stage, I can be found nerding-out on tech tools, smashing it on the squash court, traveling the world or curled up reading with my gorgeous cat, Blondie. 

Kim Carson-Richards

I’ve spent a lot of my life on the road less travelled. I became a mom at the age of 14, and I am living proof that you can reach your goals and live the life of your dreams no matter what you’ve faced. I do what I do now because I know my own life story can inspire others to live their own high-impact life no matter what they’ve experienced or where they are starting. 

Since listening to my inner voice telling me I was no longer cut out for corporate life, I have started three successful businesses, become a best-selling author and spoken on over 200 stages. All of my experiences have led me to do the work I most love doing, in a way that provides me with the freedom to spend as much time as I want with my awesome fam jam. 

I have a wonderful husband of 20 years, 2 kids born 20 years apart, an awesome daughter-in-law and a scruffy fur-child named Olive who lives her best life with us every day. 

When not with my family, I am a voracious reader and can hammer out reading a book in a day, and I stoke a teensy stationary addiction that often has me seeking out fancy notebooks & pens to add to my collection!

Frequently asked questions

Who is Profitable Speaker Bootcamp™ for?
This event is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and coaches who want to learn how to get clients on repeat in the new virtual world. Regardless of what level of business you are at or how many years you've been doing this, the event will walk you through the exact strategies we used to take our business to 100k in 4 months. 
What time do sessions start and end?
Sessions will start each day at 9am MST and end around 6pm MST. We recommend you show up a few minutes early to get settled and grounded.
I can't attend the whole event, should I still get a ticket?
It's important that you attend as much of the event as possible, but we understand - life happens. This is we are making event recordings available for everybody for 7 days after the event. 
Can I bring a spouse or a business partner?
Absolutely! Every ticket holder will get an access link to the live sessions. Which means you get a "zoom pass" aka grab a snack, your fav beverage, your spouse, partner, biz bestie and get comfy around your screen. (as long as you don't break any rules ;)
What do I need to bring?
Passion for what you do, something to take notes/do the work and a coffee (or a beverage of your choice). Make sure you plan your food and hydration throughout the event. The event is value packed, which means you won't want to miss anything. 
Will the replays be available?
Yes. If you attend the event, we will send you access to the event recordings. You will be able to watch and re-watch any part of the event until July 19th, 2021, @ 11:59 PM MST. 
How to get the most out of the event?
Treat this event like you are attending it live in-person. Clear your schedule, plan your food, be present. Trust us, you won't regret it, and your business will thank you. Profitable Speaker Bootcamp™ focuses on real strategies, implementation and community. 
What happens if I can't attend live? Can I get a refund?
Since we are hosting this event live, there will be no refunds.
Have other questions?
Email our team at admin@profitableimpactacademy.com. We will be glad to answer any other questions you have.
Ticket Prices Increase On June 25th - Get Yours Now!
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